Nota Bene: Annotation as a Scholarly and Pedagogical Practice

Grinnell College Summer Workshop, 2022

Notes filling David Foster Wallace’s copy of “Players” by Don DeLillo. Image courtesy of the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas.

The annotation of documents with commentary, interpretations, questions, glosses, cross-references, background information, copy-edits, fact checks, and other forms of marginalia is a valuable method of reading and interacting closely with texts and other forms of media. This workshop will explore annotation as a practice in both scholarly research and instructional pedagogy. Participants will be in conversation with faculty colleagues at Grinnell and with outside experts to discuss the purposes and objectives of annotation as well as the methods and applications that support annotation in a primarily digital environment. Attendees will share and learn about digital annotation methods currently supported at Grinnell, with particular attention to the platform. Examples of course annotation assignments at Grinnell will be shared.
Learning Goals for the Workshop

  • a deepened understanding of annotation as a scholarly and pedagogical practice
  • familiarity with methods for annotating documents in a digital environment
  • a clear direction of how to design and incorporate annotation assignments in courses
  • belonging to a community of annotation practice with colleagues at Grinnell as well as other members of one’s field of study.